GLP-1 injection

Compounded Tirzepatide Prescription for Weight Loss

  • Same active ingredient as Mounjaro® and Zepbound®
  • A weekly shot to lose up to 20% of your body weight within 1 year
  • As low as $449 per month including GLP-1 medication, healthcare provider, and ongoing visits
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • Prescription weight loss medication dispensed by a licensed U.S. pharmacy
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Safety information: GLP-1 medications are prescribed for the treatment of obesity or overweight in conjunction with diet and exercise regimens. However, it’s important to note that these medications can lead to serious side effects, including the potential development of thyroid tumors. If you or your family have a history of a specific type of thyroid cancer known as MTC or MEN 2, it is advised not to use these medications. For further details on critical warnings and safety considerations, please refer to additional safety information.

GLP-1 medications are the most effective for weight loss

On average, people who take a GLP-1 medication such as Tirzepatide lose around 20% of their weight within a year.

Tirzepatide weight loss study

Source: New England Journal of Medicine

Tirzepatide weekly injections lead to meaningful and sustained weight reduction in obese adults.

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Compounded tirzepatide injection prescribed online for weight loss

Receive compounded Tirzepatide  (same active ingredient as Mounjaro and Zepbound, the FDA-approved tirzepatide product) based on your current weight and past medical history. No insurance required.

Tirzepatide is an injectable prescription medication that may help adults with obesity, or with excess weight (overweight) to lose weight and keep it off.

Compounded Tirzepatide

Compounded Tirzepatide

Same active ingredient as Mounjaro® and Zepbound®

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Compounded Tirzepatide Dosing Plan

Compounded Tirzepatide Dosing

How it works

Starting your weight loss journey with NiceRx is fast and easy. The first step is sharing your health history and weight loss goals. You will only be billed if approved for a prescription by the healthcare provider.

If approved for the medical weight loss program, this is what you can expect.

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Step 1 - Tell us about your health

Start by completing a short health survey to find out if GLP-1 medications may work for you.

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Step 2 - Schedule an appointment

Schedule your initial online consultation with your new licensed health care provider.

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Step 3 - Meet your new healthcare provider

Once your provider has results and determined if a GLP-1 medication is suitable, you will embark on the Weight Loss Program and continuous care from the provider.

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Step 4 - Receive medication

Receive your medication at home and start losing weight.

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Step 5 - Ongoing visits

You will have the option to meet with your licensed clinician on a monthly basis to discuss the treatment provided. You will receive a refill notification before your next shipment comes due.

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You will receive everything you need to lose weight and keep it off.


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Compounded Tirzepatide GLP-1 medication

  • Compounded GLP-1 weight loss drug
  • Board-certified clinicians
  • Monthly visits with clinician
  • Expected 20% average body weight loss within 12 months

$ 449/ per month

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Prescription weight loss medication is only prescribed if medically appropriate.

Have questions? Get answers

How much does compounded tirzepatide cost?

Compounded tirzepatide costs $449 for a 1-month plan, which includes 1 month of compounded medication, the initial consultation with a licensed doctor and up to 1 follow-up visit per month. Shipping is free and there are no additional fees.

The package includes 1 tirzepatide vial of the appropriate strength (up to 7.5mg per week) as prescribed by the doctor, sufficient syringes and alcohol swabs, and antiemetic medication (eg. generic Zofran) if needed.

How long does it take for the medication to arrive?

The current delivery time is approximately 5 days from the time the prescription is approved by a doctor following the online visit. To minimize delays, be sure to schedule your online doctor’s visit as soon as possible.

What if my insurance won’t cover the cost of the medication?

There is no insurance required. You can pay for the medication with a credit card. If you are unable to receive insurance coverage for this medication, you can likely save money with the NiceRx Weight Loss Program.

Is compounded tirzepatide the same as Mounjaro/Zepbound?

The compounded version of tirzepatide works the same as Mounjaro and Zepbound but is significantly less expensive.  The main difference is that the brand-name drug is available as a pen and the compounded version is available in a vial which is injected using a syringe. The compounding pharmacy uses the same pharmaceutical ingredient (API), tirzepatide.

Mounjaro and Zepbound are branded products (GLP-1 Receptor Agonists) manufactured by Eli Lilly. Mounjaro is FDA-approved for the treatment of adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus and helps to lower blood sugar levels. Zepbound is FDA-approved for chronic weight management in combination with diet and exercise. Both medications interact with the brain to curb appetite and signal a feeling of fullness.

What is compounded tirzepatide?

Compounded tirzepatide is a unique composition of the popular weight loss medication, tirzepatide (also known as Mounjaro and Zepbound). Due to medication shortages for the brand name drug, a compound pharmacy is able to supply compounded tirzepatide. NiceRx works with a licensed tirzepatide compound pharmacy in the United States to help you access this medication, if you are approved for a prescription by the licensed medical provider.

Tirzelatide compounding pharmacies can make tailor-made drugs to suit the needs of individual patients. For example, they can make a drug while it is on the drug shortage list, or when the individual patient needs a liquid form of the drug when only the tablet form is available.

How do I get compounded tirzepatide?

You can buy compounded tirzepatide for weight loss by clicking the Get Started button and filling out a short weight loss quiz to determine your eligibility for treatment, which is subject to the discretion of a licensed medical provider.

How is NiceRx responding to shortages of this medication?

Due to high demand, Eli Lilly, the company behind Mounjaro and Zepbound, foresees shortages in the availability of their brand-name medications and expects demand to exceed the available supply. Patients might encounter challenges in obtaining the medication throughout 2023 and potentially beyond. It has been observed that nearly half of the patients still face difficulties accessing Wegovy doses even after waiting for a month.

NiceRx and its affiliated healthcare providers are taking additional measures to assist patients in their weight loss journey. We are helping patients access compounded Semaglutide and Tirzepatide injections that are readily available while the brand-name drugs are in shortage.  Providers may adjust the treatment plan for patients if deemed clinically appropriate. These adjustments could involve prescribing alternative GLP-1 medications, working collaboratively on a personalized treatment plan, or suggesting modifications to diet, lifestyle, and fitness activities.

For patients starting the NiceRx Weight Loss Program, the initial steps remain unaffected by the supply issues. If a provider decides that a GLP-1 medication is suitable, the sooner a patient joins the program, the quicker our team can work towards assisting you with your weight loss journey.

Do you accept insurance?

NiceRx does not accept insurance, and insurance is not required to join the program.

How do I get a tirzepatide prescription online?

Obtaining a tirzepatide prescription online through the NiceRx Weight Loss Program is fast and easy. The tirzepatide prescription is included with the program, if the licensed doctor decides the treatment is medically appropriate for you.

Is NiceRx a tirzepatide compounding pharmacy?

NiceRx is an online prescription drug savings company that works with a licensed tirzepatide compounding pharmacy and U.S. doctors to help you access compounded tirzepatide for weight loss.

Does the compounded tirzepatide include the salt form?

No. The drug compounding pharmacy does not make tirzepatide with the salt forms of the drug.

The safety risks and effectiveness of salt forms of tirzepatide are unknown at this time as there aren’t any rigorous clinical trials that have established the safety profile of tirzepatide salt forms. As such, there are patient safety concerns with those types of tirzepatide products.

What are the risks of obesity? 

There are numerous health risks in people with obesity, including chronic medical conditions such as cardiovascular disease, blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, and stroke.

What is the maximum dosage of medication that I will receive?

Compounded Tirzepatide is prescribed at a dose that is medically appropriate according to the prescribing clinician. The price of $449/month stays the same regardless of the dosage that you are prescribed, up to a maximum dosage of 7.5mg per week.


The Science

Doctors know that GLP-1 medications are effective at reducing food intake, appetite and hunger. These drugs also slow the movement of food from the stomach into the small intestine. As a result, you may feel full faster and longer, so you eat less, with the ultimate end result of promoting weight loss.

The Science

Important Tirzepatide safety information

  • General Information
  • Side Effects
  • Black Box Warning
  • Warnings

Compounded tirzepatide comes in a vial (GLP-1) with syringes and is a prescription drug that may help adults with obesity or some adults who are overweight (BMI ≥27). This medication is used to help people lose weight and keep it off, and should also be used alongside a reduced-calorie diet and increased physical activity.

Tirzepatide weight loss dosage (non-diabetics) usually begins with a lower weekly dose and may gradually be increased depending on the patient’s tolerability in accordance with the doctor’s guidelines.