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Medically reviewed by  Jamie Winn, PharmD

Have you been prescribed Diclegis medication? If you need help to pay for your prescription, try NiceRx. We work directly with your healthcare provider to help you enroll in patient assistance programs for prescription medications. With our assistance, you may be able to get your Diclegis for a flat fee of $49 per month.* 

NiceRx will handle the full enrollment process for you, helping you to get affordable access to your essential medication.

Your monthly Diclegis cost savings if eligible

If eligible for the Diclegis patient assistance program, you could receive your prescription for a flat fee of $49 per month. This applies regardless of the retail price of the medication. Each month, you could save: 

StrengthAvg. monthly price at
a US pharmacy
NiceRx monthly
Monthly savings
with NiceRx
10/10mg 60 tablets$418.00$49.00$369.00

Am I eligible for the Diclegis patient assistance program?

NiceRx reviews each Diclegis assistance program application individually, although the main factors considered by most programs are:

  • I am a permanent, legal resident of the United States or Puerto Rico
  • I am uninsured or my insurance doesn’t cover my medication
  • I meet certain income eligibility requirements

How do I apply for the Diclegis patient assistance program? 

We make applying for the Diclegis patient assistance program as easy as possible. Begin by completing your enrollment application. You will need to provide some important information at this stage, such as details of any medications you’re taking, including Diclegis. You will also need to provide full details of your healthcare provider, your insurance plan, and your household income. 

Having reviewed your application, we will determine your eligibility for assistance and will handle the full enrollment process for you. Once enrolled in the Diclegis patient assistance program, we’ll also request your medication refills on your behalf for up to 12 months.

Is NiceRx a Diclegis coupons provider?

NiceRx does not offer printable Diclegis manufacturer coupons, Diclegis discounts, rebates, Diclegis savings cards, trial offers, or free Diclegis samples. We are also not a Diclegis coupon, a Diclegis discount card, or a Diclegis copay card provider. NiceRx is a service provider that helps eligible individuals access the Diclegis patient assistance program. 

Can NiceRx help me get Diclegis if I have insurance? 

We review each application individually. This means that we may be able to help if you have insurance, but your insurance company won’t pay for your prescription. We may even be able to assist if you have a high copay or coinsurance responsibility, or if you don’t have insurance at all. Apply online with NiceRx to find out more.

How much is Diclegis with insurance?

Contact your insurance provider or pharmacist to calculate your copay with your current insurance. The cost of Diclegis with insurance will vary in line with the terms of your healthcare plan. 

How much does Diclegis cost without insurance?

Diclegis prices without insurance will vary depending on the amount you buy and where you buy it from. A pack of 30, 10-10 mg Diclegis tablets will cost between $250 to $280. Please note this is just a guide.

What is Diclegis?

Diclegis is a prescription medication used to treat morning sickness. It’s usually prescribed after changes in diet and other non-medical treatments have been tried but haven’t worked. Morning sickness also called pregnancy sickness or nausea and vomiting of pregnancy (NVP), affects around 50% to 90% of pregnant women. It makes you feel sick (nauseous) and makes you be sick (vomiting). Morning sickness isn’t dangerous, but it can feel very unpleasant and can disrupt your daily life.

You can take Diclegis to help ease nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. It comes as a delayed-release tablet you swallow. How many tablets and how often you take them will be determined by the doctor who prescribes it to you.

Diclegis active ingredients

Diclegis has two active ingredients that work together, called doxylamine succinate and pyridoxine hydrochloride. It’s not fully understood how the two active ingredients in Diclegis work together to treat morning sickness, but research has shown that it can reduce your nausea and vomiting and that it’s a safe drug to use during pregnancy.

Doxylamine succinate, usually just called doxylamine, is an antihistamine, a type of medicine normally used to treat allergies. Doxylamine can alter the balance of substances in your body called neurotransmitters. These substances regulate a wide range of processes, and doxylamine can act as a sedative, having a calming effect on your body and nervous system.

Pyridoxine hydrochloride, usually just called pyridoxine, is a vitamin belonging to the B family of vitamins (it’s vitamin B6). Research has shown that taking pyridoxine can help reduce morning sickness.

Diclegis side effects & Diclegis drug interactions

Diclegis is a long-studied medication, and research has shown the risk of side effects is low and that it’s generally safe to take during pregnancy. Diclegis has been found to be so safe it’s one of the few medications that qualify for FDA Pregnancy Category A status. The most common side effects caused by Diclegis include:

  • Sleepiness (somnolence)
  • A greater risk of falls, especially if you take Diclegis with alcohol, or central nervous system depressants, like sedatives, tranquilizers, or hypnotics, often found in pain and cough and cold medications

In rare instances, Diclegis can cause more serious side effects, including:

  • Severe allergic reactions to the medication
  • Tachycardia, a dramatic increase in your heart rate that can be life-threatening

Diclegis can interact with the following medications: 

  • Monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOI) antidepressants, like Marplan, Nardil, Emsam, Eldepryl, Zelapar, or Parnate
  • Any central nervous system (CNS) depressants, like sedatives, tranquilizers, or hypnotics

Diclegis warnings & precautions

Don’t take Diclegis if you:

  • Are allergic to the active ingredients doxylamine succinate or pyridoxine hydrochloride, or any of the other ingredients in Diclegis 
  • Are allergic to any other antihistamines derived from ethanolamine
  • Are taking any of the medications that could interact with Diclegis 
  • Are not a pregnant woman
  • Are under 18 years of age

Talk to your doctor before taking Diclegis if you:

  • Have asthma
  • Have any eye problems, particularly increased intraocular pressure or narrow-angle glaucoma
  • Have any stomach problems, particularly a stenosing peptic ulcer or a pyloroduodenal obstruction
  • Have a bladder problem called urinary bladder-neck obstruction
  • Are breastfeeding or are planning to breastfeed

Diclegis can make you feel sleepy or drowsy, which could affect your ability to drive, use machinery, or perform other dangerous tasks. You should avoid doing so until you’re confident Diclegis does not affect you in this way. Don’t drink alcohol when taking Diclegis.

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