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Medically reviewed by  Jamie Winn, PharmD

Is NiceRx a Travatan Z coupons provider?

NiceRx does not provide Travatan Z coupons, discount cards, or copay cards. We don’t offer printable Travatan Z manufacturer coupons, Travatan Z discounts, rebates, Travatan Z savings cards, trial offers, or free samples. We are a service provider that helps eligible individuals access patient assistance programs. Our service cost is $49 a month per medication, so you’ll likely save more on your Travatan Z medication with NiceRx.

Travatan Z patient assistance program

Patient assistance programs are typically sponsored by pharmaceutical companies and provide free or discounted medications to individuals with low income who are uninsured or under-insured and meet the eligibility criteria that vary by program. There are currently no known patient assistance programs for this medication.

Can NiceRx help me get Travatan Z if I have insurance?

How much is Travatan Z with insurance?

Your individual healthcare plan will determine the cost of Travatan Z with insurance. To find out what you will need to pay, contact your pharmacist or insurance provider. They will be able to calculate your copay with your current insurance.

How much does Travatan Z cost without insurance?

Travatan Z prices without insurance will vary depending on the size of the bottle you buy (2.5 ml or 5 ml). Prices will also vary by retailer. A 2.5 ml bottle of 0.004% Travatan Z solution will cost around $250. Please note that this is just a guide price.

What is Travatan Z?

Travatan Z is a prescription eye-drop medication used to reduce high pressure in the eyes caused by either ocular hypertension or open-angle glaucoma.

It’s a medication that is taken by dropping it into your eye using the bottle it comes in. Travatan Z increases the amount of fluid that’s transported out of your eyes, reducing the buildup of fluid and the pressure inside your eyes.

Travatan Z active ingredients

The active ingredient in Travatan Z is called travoprost. It’s a type of drug called a prostaglandin analog that increases the amount of fluid that drains out of your eyes.

When you drop Travatan Z onto your eye, travoprost is absorbed through your cornea (the front of your eye). The travoprost then attaches to areas on the surface of your fluid duct cells called prostaglandin receptors. This stimulates the receptors, increasing the amount of fluid your duct cells carry out of your eye.

Travatan Z side effects & Travatan Z drug interactions

As with all medications, Travatan Z can cause side effects. When it does the most common Travatan Z side effects include:

  • Eye redness
  • Itchy eyes
  • Irritated eyes
  • Eye pain
  • Changes in the color of your iris (the colored part of your eye)

In rare instances, Travatan Z can cause more serious side effects, such as:

  • Allergic reactions in your eye
  • Growth in the thickness and length of your eyelashes, and an increase in the number of eyelashes you have. This usually reverses when you stop taking Travatan Z
  • Pigmentation (a darkening in color) of your iris, eyelid, and eyelashes. This can be permanent; it may not reverse after you stop taking Travatan Z
  • Asthma

It is also important to tell your prescribing physician about all medications you’re taking, including vitamins and herbal and dietary supplements in case they could interact with Travatan Z.

Travatan Z warnings & precautions

The active ingredient in Travatan Z (travoprost) can be absorbed through the skin. If you get Travatan Z on your skin, wash it off straight away. This is especially important in

women who are pregnant or are attempting to become pregnant.

Your vision may become blurred for a short time after using Travatan Z. Don’t drive, use machinery, or perform other dangerous tasks until your vision has cleared.

Don’t use Travatan Z while wearing contact lenses. Wait for 15 minutes after using Travatan Z until you put your contact lenses in. You should not take the medication if you:

  • Are allergic to the active ingredient travoprost
  • Are allergic to any of the other ingredients in Travatan Z – these are listed in the leaflet which comes with the medication
  • Have angle-closure, inflammatory or neovascular glaucoma – Travatan Z is for the treatment of elevated intraocular pressure caused by open-angle glaucoma
  • Are under 16 years of age

Talk to your doctor before taking Travatan Z if you:

  • Have ever had cataract surgery
  • Have or have ever had any problems with inflammation in your eyes
  • Have or have had any other eye problems
  • Are pregnant or are planning to become pregnant
  • Are breastfeeding or are planning to breastfeed

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