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What do I need to get started?

Get started with our online enrollment form to find out if you are eligible to start receiving your medications through NiceRx. Once you complete the online enrollment, we will let you know if you qualify right away.  You will be required to upload documents that are required by the pharmaceutical companies for final acceptance.  Once approved by the pharmaceutical company, NiceRx will manage your enrollment including requesting refills for your prescription medications without you having to worry.

Who is NiceRx for?

Our service is intended for individuals who are unable or struggling to afford their medication through regular means. NiceRx is a full-service medication access company that researches available sources of assistance, enrolls eligible individuals into assistance programs, handles ongoing refill processing, and maintains enrollment with the applicable program.

The average household income to qualify for the NiceRx program:

  • Individuals earning around $40,000 per year.
  • Couples earning around $55,000 per year.
  • Guidelines increase with each additional member in the household.

NiceRx also works with health care providers, insurance companies, and social workers across the United States to help their patients who cannot afford their medications.

What is NiceRx?

NiceRx is an advocacy service that assists eligible individuals to access FDA-approved prescription medications directly from U.S. pharmaceutical companies for a set price of $49 per month for each medication we are able to assist with. There are no additional costs or hidden fees.

NiceRx is not an insurance plan or discount card. Once enrolled in our service, our advocates will identify all available sources of assistance for the individual and handle the ordering, managing, tracking, refilling of medications and renewal of enrollment when due..

Can my friends and family use NiceRx too?

Yes! Each individual will need to complete a separate online enrollment form in order for us to qualify them for assistance.

What happens after I apply?

Following successful enrollment, we may request further documents from you, as required by the pharmaceutical companies. We will handle the enrollment process for you, including requesting a prescription from your doctor and working with the pharmaceutical company that ships your medication. We will send you notification emails to update you on the progress of your application so that you will always know the current status.

You should continue taking your medications as prescribed by your doctor until you have received your first medication delivery. NiceRx does not approve applications or ship medications to customers. The pharmaceutical company will make the final determination of acceptance and you will only be charged the NiceRx service fees for medications that we are able to assist with. We cannot guarantee shipment times for your medication, although the average turnaround time for the first supply is 6 to 8 weeks on average, from the time we receive all required documents from you and your healthcare provider.

How much can I save with NiceRx?

In most cases, individuals can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars per month on their prescription medication with our help. Check out our Pricing page and use our online calculator to see how much you could potentially save on your medications.

Am I eligible for NiceRx?

To check eligibility, complete the simple online enrollment and we will notify you immediately if we are able to assist with any of your medications.

How do I enroll?

Simply complete the online enrollment which should take 5-10 minutes to complete. Once submitted, we will let you know immediately if you qualify and you will be required to upload documents that are required by the pharmaceutical companies for final acceptance.

What information do you need from me?

In order to complete the online enrollment form, you will need the following information to hand:

  • Your name, address, date of birth, SSN
  • Insurance details
  • Income details
  • Physician details
  • Medication details
  • Payment details

Why do you need my doctor’s details?

We require your doctor’s details because your doctor will need to be involved in the application process. We will send your doctor a request for a prescription and the application documents to sign. Once we receive the signed documents from your doctor, we can finalize the application to be sent to the pharmaceutical company. In some instances, we may notify you that we need your assistance in expediting the request for the signed documents from your doctor.

Why do you need my payment details?

We require your payment details to bill for our service fees.

Why do you need my total household income when it’s just myself enrolling?

Each pharmaceutical company has its own eligibility criteria. Some require the total household income to determine if an individual is eligible to receive medication from them.

I don’t have a job and I have no income. Can I still apply?

Each pharmaceutical company has its own eligibility criteria. You may still apply if you don’t have a job, although you may be required to provide evidence of this (e.g., employment termination letter).

How will I know if my enrollment has been successful?

Once you complete and submit the online enrollment form, you will receive an email informing you of the outcome. If you are qualified for at least one medication, you will be requested to upload documents required by the pharmaceutical companies.

What happens if my enrollment is unsuccessful? Can I reapply?

Yes.  The eligibility requirements for each pharmaceutical company may change from time to time. Therefore, if you have been unsuccessful in the past, it does not mean you will be unsuccessful in the future. In addition, if your circumstances change, this could change your eligibility status.

Why do I need to upload documents?

The documents are required by the pharmaceutical company for final approval. Your medication delivery will be delayed until we receive all of the required documents.

How do I upload my documents?

All applicants will have access to a ‘My Account’ page to upload any documents required by the pharmaceutical companies.

I don’t know how to use the My Account upload system, can I just fax or email my documents to you?

If you are struggling to upload documentation, you can email the documents to [email protected] or fax to (888) 517-7444. For your security, please do not email any documents that have sensitive details.

Can I complete the enrollment and send my documents later?

Yes, however, we do not recommend that you delay sending the documents because it may cause delays in you receiving your medication delivery from the pharmaceutical company.

If I have successfully enrolled and provided all information requested, can I still be rejected?

In a very small number of cases, this may occur. Ultimately, the pharmaceutical company will determine the final acceptance of each applicant. We will always keep you updated and if there is a rejection, you will be fully refunded. We can also appeal the decision on your behalf.

Why do I need to contact my doctor for a prescription?

Once you complete your enrollment, we will contact your doctor to request a signed prescription and application documents which are required by the pharmaceutical companies. Generally, doctor offices do respond positively to our requests. When we are unable to receive the signed documents from your doctor after multiple contact attempts, we may request your assistance. Ultimately, the faster we get the signed documents from your doctor, the quicker you may be approved for assistance by the pharmaceutical company.

Is there any limit on the number of medications I can apply for?

There is no limit on the number of medications you can apply for. NiceRx provides access to over 1,500 FDA-approved medications and provided your medication is included in the formulary, you can apply for assistance with your medication. The monthly service fee is charged per eligible medication, so please remember if you were to enroll and qualify for two medications, the monthly service fee with NiceRx would be $98, for example.

If I take multiple medications, can I obtain just one of them through NiceRx?

Yes! Simply only enter the medications you want our help with when enrolling, and exclude any medications that you are currently obtaining for less than $49 per month.

What if my medication isn’t on your medication list?

We update our medication list frequently. If you do not see your medication listed, please contact us to check if we can assist. If NiceRx cannot obtain at least one medication for you, you will not be charged for service.

How many medications are offered?

NiceRx offers access to over 1,500 FDA-approved medications from over 50 U.S. pharmaceutical manufacturers. Our medication formulary changes often so please check our site regularly to find out if we can help with any of your medications.

What is the cost of the medication?

NiceRx provides access to over 1,500 FDA-approved medications which are provided for free by over 50 pharmaceutical companies. The service fee is $49 per month for each eligible medication we are able to assist with. There are no additional charges.

We provide a full service that includes 100% of the cost of the medications and there are no hidden fees or shipping costs. Final approval is determined by the pharmaceutical companies and you will not be charged any fees if you are not approved.

Do you assist with generic medications?

NiceRx is unable to assist with generic medications at this time. However, if your generic medication costs you more than $49 per month, we may be able to assist you in obtaining the brand equivalent at a cheaper price.

Does NiceRx supply medication directly?

All medications are supplied directly from the pharmaceutical company. NiceRx does not handle or ship any medications directly.

Where and when will I receive my medications?

NiceRx handles all of the paperwork and processing required for you to obtain your medications from U.S. pharmaceutical companies. The U.S. pharmaceutical company is responsible for the supply and shipment of your medication(s) to your home or your doctor’s office. Once enrolled, you can generally expect to receive a 90-day supply of medication(s) within 6 to 8 weeks on average, subject to all documentation being received from you and your doctor. NiceRx will continue to manage the processing of ongoing refills for your medication(s) after you receive the first delivery of medication.

Once you have completed the enrollment form, we will let you know if you are eligible for assistance with any of your medications. We may then request further documents as required by the pharmaceutical companies. It is extremely urgent that we receive the required documentation as soon as possible to avoid delays with your medication delivery. Documents can be uploaded directly to your online account.

You will need to obtain your medication through your usual method, for example, samples from a healthcare provider, 30-day supply from a local pharmacy, etc. Regrettably, NiceRx does not provide any reimbursements for purchases outside of our services.

How much medication will I be receiving?

Most programs have a 1-year enrollment period and ship a 90-day supply of medication at a time. This may vary by pharmaceutical company. We will notify you when it’s time to renew your enrollment and let you know which documents are required to continue receiving your medication from the pharmaceutical company.

Why are some medications delivered to my doctor's office?

A pharmaceutical company has to be licensed by the federal government in order to dispense medication directly to a patient. In these cases, the pharmaceutical company is likely not licensed to ship to the patient and therefore must send the medications to your physician’s office where they can be dispensed to you legally. We will let you know if the medication ships to your home or doctor’s office.

How do I dispose of any medications that I do not use?

Guidelines were developed by the FDA as well as the White House Office of National Drug Policy. Those guidelines are summarized as follows:

Do not flush any medication down a sink or toilet unless the packaging of the medication specifically instructs you to do so. Follow all specific disposal instructions as printed on the prescription drug label or accompanying patient information documentation.

Consult the blue pages of your phone book or contact your local city or county’s trash and recycling division to see verify if there are any drug take-back programs active in your neighborhood. There are several drug disposal programs that allow individuals to bring unused medications to their facility to be properly disposed of. In addition, the D.E.A. (The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration) periodically works with local government agencies to sponsor drug take-back days.

If neither of these options are available to you (there is no drug take back program in your neighbourhood and there are no specific disposal instructions on the label) dispose of your unused medication with your other trash by following these simple steps.

Remove the medication from their containers and mix them with an undesired substance. eg. coffee or used cat litter. This makes the drugs unrecognizable to anyone who may search the trash for prescriptions and less appealing to pets or children.

Insert in a sealable container such as bag or empty can that will prevent leaks or spillage.

Remove all identifying information from the label of the original medication container. This will help protect your identity and personal information.

Do not provide your unused medication to friends or family members. Medications that have prescriptions are intended for specific use based on the person and medical history. Prescriptions that work for one person could be harmful to others. If a question arises, speak with your pharmacist.

For more information on the proper care and disposal of unused medications, consult the FDA website.

How and when will I know to place my refill orders?

NiceRx has a dedicated refill team that is responsible for requesting your medication refills so you do not have to worry. Our dedicated refill team will request your medication refills before you run out.

Once you have received your last refill, we will notify you to re-enroll you into the program so that you continue to receive your medication from the pharmaceutical comapny. The re-enrollment process will require you to submit new documents, similar to when you first enrolled with NiceRx.

Where do the prescription medications come from?

The FDA-approved prescription medications are supplied and delivered directly to you by the U.S. pharmaceutical companies. In most cases, a 90-day supply is dispensed at a time. The U.S pharmaceutical companies regularly deliver using services such as Fedex, UPS or USPS.

What if I'm not home and there's no one to receive my medication?

If you aren’t home, the courier will attempt to make a re-delivery at a later time or date.

If I haven’t received my medication yet, what do I do?

Once your application is approved by the pharmaceutical company, we will notify you by email of the expected delivery date. If you do not receive the medication by that date, please contact us and we will contact the pharmaceutical company.

I received a prescription card in the mail and no medication, what do I do?

In some cases, the pharmaceutical company will deliver a prescription card instead of the medication. You can use the card at your local pharmacy and you will not be charged by the pharmacy for the medication.

When will you start billing my credit card?

When you complete the enrollment, we will let you know immediately if you qualify for assistance. At that time, NiceRx will charge you for the first month’s service fee of $49 per eligible medication, and you will be billed $49 per eligible medication on a monthly basis on around 30 days from the initial billing date. You will not be charged for any medications we are unable to obtain for you.

Do you offer refunds if I decide to cancel?

We understand that you may wish to cancel should you find a more cost-effective alternative somewhere else. If you would like to have your membership cancelled, please send us a signed cancellation letter. We will initiate the cancellation of your medication within 14 days of receiving the signed cancellation letter. For our customers’ protection, we would not want to stop processing the application or refills without written notification from the customer.

You may be eligible for a full refund if:

  • you have notified us in writing that you want to cancel within 14 days of enrollment and we have not yet sent the application documents to your doctor’s office, or;
  • you have received a denial letter stating that you are not eligible to receive medication and have provided a copy of the denial letter to us within 60 days of its date, and do not want us to appeal the decision on your behalf.

If you are cancelling after receiving your medication delivery, you will be charged for the remaining supply of medication you received. For example, if you received a three-month supply of medication and cancelled after one month (and have a two months supply of medication remaining), you will be charged $98 for the remaining two months.

Why do you charge for your service?

NiceRx is a service-based advocacy program. As we are not funded by any government organization, we need to charge a small monthly management fee to eligible individuals who can save money using our service. This fee covers the costs of our service, as well as any establishment costs.

What happens if my payment is declined?

If your payment is declined, we will attempt to bill you again at a later date and notify you by email so you can update your billing information or method of payment. The service will be on hold until your payment has been successfully received.

Do I have to pay any shipping costs?

No, there are no additional charges or shipping costs. The only fee you pay is $49 per month for each eligible medication we are able to assist with.

Can I use NiceRx if I have other health insurance coverage?

Yes, in many cases, NiceRx works with existing coverage and is designed to help eligible individuals obtain prescription medications at an affordable price using all sources of assistance available.

Our dedicated team of advocates works for you to find the assistance you need which is unavailable on drug discount cards, medication coupons etc.

Can I enroll with NiceRx even though I have health insurance?

You can still apply if you have insurance. However, please note that the eligibility criteria vary by medication and program. The quickest way to find out if you are eligible is to complete the online enrollment form.

Is NiceRx considered insurance?

NiceRx is not an insurance company or prescription discount card. We are essentially an advocacy service that assists eligible individuals who are struggling with the costs of their medications. We provide assistance with obtaining FDA-approved brand name drugs from US pharmaceutical companies.

I already have health insurance. Can my insurance pay for NiceRx's service fees?

Unfortunately, insurance companies generally do not cover the cost of NiceRx’s service fees.

I’ve been denied health insurance before, will that affect my ability to receive medications?

If you have been denied health insurance before and received a denial letter, you may need to submit proof of this denial letter in the application process. If you qualify for assistance from NiceRx, we will request that you upload this letter to your My Account page along with other required documents which are required by the pharmaceutical companies for final acceptance.

Can my family members use NiceRx as well?

Yes!  If applying for a minor, please include the guardian’s full name and contact information when enrolling.

What if I have health insurance and still cannot afford my medications?

If your insurance company refuses to pay for your prescription medications or you have a high copay or coinsurance responsibility, we might be able to help. Please complete your enrollment to find out if you are qualified. Insurance criteria may vary by program and medication.

Do you have any other questions?