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How our pricing works

NiceRx charges a service fee for each medication to enroll you in patient assistance programs and request your ongoing refills from the pharmaceutical manufacturer.
There are no additional costs for the medication.

Over 1,500 FDA-approved medications available

Only pay a set monthly price of $49 for each medication we can help you with.

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Responsibilities of a NiceRx customer

Once a year, provide us with the requested information about your medications and income to continue to qualify for the program.

Pay a monthly service fee of $49 for each medication you’re approved for. There are no hidden or additional fees.

Common pricing questions

How much does NiceRx cost?

NiceRx is a prescription advocacy service that charges a service fee of $49 per month for each medication we are able to assist you with. As we are not funded by any government organization for example, we need to charge a small monthly fee to eligible individuals who can save money using our service. In most cases, we will notify you right away which medications you may be eligible to receive for free from the pharmaceutical company. We will debit your payment method once we receive all of your required documentation. Once you receive your first medication delivery, you will be billed on the same day each month. You will not be charged for any medication we are unable to help you with.

How much do the medications cost?

NiceRx provides access to over 1,500 FDA-approved medications which are provided for free by over 50 pharmaceutical companies. The service fee for our program is $49 per month for each medication we are able to assist with. There are no additional charges.

We provide a full service that includes 100% of the cost of the medications and there are no hidden fees. Final approval is determined by each assistance program and you will not be charged any fees if you are not approved.

Does it cost more than $49 per month if I want to receive multiple medications?

NiceRx will notify you of which medications we are able to help you with. Our service fee is $49 per month for each medication we are able to assist you with. For example, if you are eligible to receive two medications from the pharmaceutical company, you will be billed $98 per month for our services. There are no additional costs or hidden fees for the medications.

What is the price of generic medications?

NiceRx does not provide generic medications at this time. However, if your generic medication costs more than $30.00 for a 30 day supply, we may be able to assist you to obtain the brand name equivalent. Please contact us to discuss all available options.

When will NiceRx start billing my account?

You will be billed for the first time once we receive all of your required documentation. You will be billed again once you receive the first delivery of your medication and every month thereafter.