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Medically reviewed by  Jamie Winn, PharmD

Have you been prescribed Hetlioz? Are you looking for help to pay for your medication? At NiceRx, we may be able to help. We work with your healthcare provider to enroll you in patient assistance programs. If eligible for assistance, you may be able to get your Hetlioz prescription for just $49 per month*.

Your monthly Hetlioz cost savings if eligible

If you are successfully enrolled in the patient assistance program, you could get your Hetlioz prescription for a flat fee of $49 per month*. This fee covers the full cost of your Hetlioz medicine, regardless of the retail price, meaning you could save: 

StrengthAvg. monthly price at
a US pharmacy
NiceRx monthly
Monthly savings
with NiceRx
20mg 30 capsules$17,000.00$49.00$16,951.00

Am I eligible for the Hetlioz patient assistance program?

Each application for the Hetlioz patient assistance program will be assessed on an individual basis according to the eligibility criteria defined by that program. The main factors considered by most programs include:

  • I am a permanent, legal resident of the United States or Puerto Rico
  • I am uninsured or my insurance doesn’t cover my medication
  • I meet certain income eligibility requirements

How do I apply for the Hetlioz patient assistance program? 

Applying for the Hetlioz patient assistance program through NiceRx is simple and straightforward. Start by completing our enrollment application

You will need to provide information about any medications you’re taking, including Hetlioz, as well as information that is required by the pharmaceutical manufacturers who ship your medication, such as your healthcare provider, insurance, and your household income. 

If we determine that you may be eligible for Hetlioz assistance, we’ll handle the full application process for you, and will help to enroll you in the Hetlioz patient assistance program. Once enrolled in the program, we’ll also request your Hetlioz medication refills on your behalf for up to one year.

Is NiceRx a Hetlioz coupons provider?

No, we are not a Hetlioz coupons provider. NiceRx is a service provider that helps eligible individuals access the Hetlioz patient assistance program. Our service does not include the provision of printable Hetlioz manufacturer coupons, Hetlioz discounts, rebates, Hetlioz savings cards, trial offers, or free Hetlioz samples. 

When obtaining your Hetlioz medication through NiceRx, your total cost for the medication will always be $49 per month*.

Can NiceRx help me get Hetlioz if I have insurance? 

We can help in a number of different scenarios. This includes if you have insurance, but your insurance company won’t pay for your Hetlioz medication. We may also be able to help if you have a high copay or coinsurance responsibility. We may even be able to help if you don’t have insurance.

How much is Hetlioz with insurance?

The cost of Hetlioz varies in line with the details of your individual healthcare plan. 

How much does Hetlioz cost without insurance?

Hetlioz prices without insurance vary between retailers. As a guide, a pack of 30, 20 mg Hetlioz capsules will cost between around $15,000 to $18,000. With NiceRx you’ll never pay more than the flat monthly fee of $49*.

What is Hetlioz?

Hetlioz is a prescription medication given to adults to treat non-24-hour sleep-wake disorders (non-24) and is the first and the only FDA approved treatment for non-24. Hetlioz helps treat non-24 by mirroring the effects of melatonin. This can help improve your sleeping at night and reduce daytime sleepiness. It comes as a 20 mg capsule that is usually taken once a day before bed. Always take Hetlioz as directed by your physician.

Non-24 is a circadian rhythm sleep disorder. Your circadian rhythm is a set of natural processes in your body that mirror the 24-hour day. They wake you in the morning and increase your alertness, and make you feel tired and sleepy at night. Think of your circadian rhythm as your 24-hour body clock. Your circadian rhythm also controls the timing of other processes, like metabolism, digestion, hormone secretion, changes in body temperature, and periods of peak alertness. 

Non-24 happens when your circadian rhythm drifts out of cycle with the 24-hour day. Your circadian rhythm could become longer than 24 hours, or shorter. This throws out the natural timings of your body, it can make it very difficult to sleep and wake at usual times, and it disrupts the other processes your circadian rhythm regulates. This disruption can lead to issues like daytime sleeping, insomnia, sleep deprivation, fatigue, feelings of depression, nausea, headaches, and weight gain. It can cause cognitive problems like difficulties concentrating and confusion. Non-24 can cause significant disruption to your life. Non-24 is most common amongst blind people, with as many as 70% of the totally blind experiencing it. Non-24 can occur amongst sighted people too but is much less common.

Your circadian rhythm is a set of internal processes, but they interact with the world around you too. It’s thought that non-24 is caused by problems with how your body reacts to signals from the outside world. In the morning, sunlight causes your brain to produce a hormone called serotonin that helps you wake up. As it gets darker in the evening, serotonin is converted into another hormone called melatonin, which helps you fall asleep.

In sighted people, non-24 could be caused by problems with producing serotonin and melatonin in reaction to light changes, or by not reacting sensitively enough to light changes. In blind people, non-24 could be caused by not being able to see sunlight and changes in light levels. People with partial sight, who can perceive light levels are less likely to have non-24.

Hetlioz active ingredients

The active ingredient in Hetlioz is called tasimelteon. It’s thought to help with non-24 by stimulating your brain in the same way that melatonin does. When you take Hetlioz, tasimelteon molecules attach themselves to areas on the outside of cells in your brain called melatonin receptors. This triggers a set of processes that melatonin usually triggers, making you want to sleep. This can make it easier to fall asleep at night, as well as improving the quality of your sleep, and reducing daytime sleepiness. 

Hetlioz side effects & Hetlioz drug interactions

All medications can have side effects. Not everyone will experience side effects though, or the same ones. The most common side effects caused by Hetlioz include:

  • Headaches
  • Abnormal dreams and nightmares
  • An increase in upper respiratory infections
  • An increase in urinary tract infections
  • An increase in the production of liver enzymes (alanine aminotransferase enzyme)

You can read more about Hetlioz side effects in the leaflet that comes with your medication. Talk to your physician if you have concerns about any side effects.

Hetlioz can interact with other medications, including: 

  • Strong CYP1A2 inhibitors, like ciprofloxacin, enoxacin, or fluvoxamine
  • Strong CYP3A4 inducers, like phenobarbital, phenytoin, rifampicin, or St. John’s Wort

If you take these medications alongside Hetlioz it can change how it and the other medications work and can make some side effects more likely.

Hetlioz warnings & precautions

Hetlioz can make you feel sleepy and can impede your ability to perform certain tasks. You should take it before you go to bed when your only activities are preparing for bed. Hetlioz may not be suitable for everyone. Talk to your physician before taking Hetlioz if you:

  • Are taking any of the medications listed above that can interact with Hetlioz
  • Have a severe liver condition
  • Smoke tobacco
  • Are under 18 years of age
  • Are over 65 years of age
  • Are pregnant or are planning to get pregnant
  • Are breastfeeding or are planning to breastfeed

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